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Micro Business Games – financial education for entrepreneurs

During November and December of 2022, Impact Foundation, in cooperation with CEFE Macedonia and other partners, organized financial literacy training for running a small business, called Micro Business Games to Profitable Business. Micro Business Games to Profitable Business is a highly interactive training for micro-entrepreneurs and people who want to learn how to practically improve the success and persistence of start-up companies and small businesses.

The training is structured according to experiential learning methodology, through games and simulations, which are interactive and simulative, as well as competitive and challenging.

In the training, where the trainers were Marija Velkovska and Ognen Jankulovski from the Impact Foundation, a total of 30 participants took part, 25 of whom were women.

The benefits of the training are:

  • Increasing the knowledge and skills about finance and entrepreneurship when starting a micro business;
  • Ability to recognize new business opportunities;
  • Dealing with uncertain and unpredictable events and risks, as well as investment planning;
  • Collaboration and networking with other participants and potential new friends.

The main goals achieved with the training are:

  • participants are encouraged and motivated to establish their businesses;
  • removing the fear when it comes to financial operations in micro business;
  • mutual networking of the participants and the ability to motivate each other.

The financial education for entrepreneurs is set to be implemented again in 2023.

This program is delivered in N.Macedonia as a partnership of the Association of Agricultural Economists of Macedonia, Junior Achievement Macedonia, Association of Management Consultants MKA 2000, Impact Foundation and CEFE Macedonia. With the support of the team of the German Sparkassenstiftung in Albania and N. Macedonia.

Andrijana Serafimovska

Andrijana Serafimovska is the Communications Assistant at Impact Foundation. An ambitious and self-driven individual, with a passion for volunteering to better the quality of life of disadvantaged groups. She is experienced in project management for NGOs and social media marketing.