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How from a freelancer, I founded the first game based on Blockchain?

1. Your passion for video games prompted you to develop Battle for Giostone, the first Macedonian video game based on Blockchain. Tell us more about how the idea to combine cryptocurrencies with video games came about?

The very lack of potential revenue from video game competition, combined with freedom and passion, prompted me to start Battle For Giostone. I have played Dota 2 for more than thirty thousand hours and I have spent over 5,000 Euros.

In return, I have not received anything, nor do I really own the items I have bought. Blockchain itself allows players to actually own all in-game assets such as NFTs and have them in their Wallet. With the help of blockchain, every player will be able to trade, buy and sell in-game assets on our marketplace with real currencies, in real economic conditions.

2. Most recently, you was a speaker at the first From Freelancers to Co-Founders event, where you talked about freelancers joining into the startup community. Do you think that freelancers can significantly improve the startup community? Is there a strong community of freelancers in the country with knowledge of the gaming industry? Do you have any experience with hiring a freelancer?

Freelancers in Macedonia have huge potential and can definitely improve the Startup community. However the team currently developing Battle For Giostone is based in Ukraine, USA, and Macedonia (in-house).

I have always preferred to work with people from Macedonia. But it was very difficult for me to find someone who is motivated and will take the work seriously. I spent more than a month searching for freelancers from Macedonia through multiple platforms but unfortunately unsuccessfully. The problem is that freelancers in Macedonia are in a Comfort Zone and lack the motivation and vision to thrive.

I’m still interested in cooperating with Macedonian freelancers and anyone who is interested in any cooperation can feel free to contact me. I believe we have huge potential, knowledge and experience.

3.What would you recommend to someone who wants to start working in a startup or open your own?

Above all, do not be skeptical, believe in yourself that you will succeed. Put a lot of time and effort. In every project there are difficulties, risks and challenges that he should be prepared for and most importantly not to give up.

4.Have you ever worked as a freelancer and what is your experience with this type of informal work?

I started working as a Freelancer for a few months 7 years ago. Creating simple websites for several hotels, restaurants, coffee bars. After only 3 months, I started my first outsourcing company for web development M-Tech Macedonia in which I employed 3 freelancers and worked on several projects with foreign clients. My advice to any Freelancer is not to enter a comfort zone but to work on upgrading knowledge. At some point try to start your own company no matter how difficult it sounds.

The series of events – Founders Nights organized by Impact Foundation and Startup Macedonia and supported by RECONOMY are events where founders of startups will present their business to the public and will inspire freelancers to develop their own business. The goal is for freelancers to join as co-founders or members of the startup team.

Filip Dzhambazoski

Filip Dzambazoski works as Marketing & Communications Assistant at Impact Foundation. Filip's completed his branch of studies in Law but is passionate about exploring new fields and expanding his knowledge. For him, "Realizing your passion by helping others find theirs" directly correlates to the way we should shape today's leaders into the future decision-makers.