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Why should one try a career in the development sector?

In recent years, as climate change, social, economic and other challenges have begun to emerge in large quantities, the development sector has become a dynamic place for career individuals to pilot their professional development. The development sector has evolved where it is not just composed from NGOs but rather to a wide span of social enterprises, international organisations, CSR corporations or foundations, research organisations and many more. The changing dynamics in this sector, the challenges to grow and develop collectively and individually and the positive impact one can bring has prompted generations of young and ambitious to the more mature and experienced individuals to look outside of traditional workspaces and shift towards a career in the development sector. Here are some of the many reasons why every person should try a career in the development sector.

You can connect more easily with your work

The shifting of social, economic and other challenges can really contribute to you finding your “purpose” and contributing to your productivity. The ability to do meaningful work, or lack thereof, has been one of the top reasons why people leave corporate environments where they mostly do a closed variety of tasks for longer periods of time. In the development sector experience is definitely a bonus, but having passion, thinking outside the box and the ability to do rather than say is much more important. On the personal side you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment since you will be able to have a positive impact on someone.

Analytical thinking will be like second nature

Understanding the systematic behavior and characteristics of the challenge instead of acting upon common sense is how many initiatives have proven to be functional and sustainable. Individuals working for longer periods of time in the development sector have a better understanding of complex issues in the vocation they specialize in and understand professionally what development means – it is not just providing an answer to a question, rather finding the questions that lead to the answer. In Impact Foundation we strive to look for the “root causes” posed in a certain challenge upon which we activate relevant stakeholders and guide them as solvers of the challenge. This is why we are implementing Market Systems Development methodology, in order to reach for sustainable development for each included side.

You will develop a wide network

Having a personal relationship with your collaborators and other stakeholders you meet during your professional engagement is one of the most important aspects of your career path. Think about it, you never know when you can be in a position to help someone or contribute to something the person is doing and vice versa. In your professional stint you will meet a lot of people from different backgrounds with unique perspectives and mentality, having the ability to learn from these individuals will help you have a better understanding of many aspects of personal and professional issues, and you can even make a friend or two along the way.

Lastly, even though a career in this sector may not seem suited to everyone, it is especially important that younger generations attempt to find their path here, since they will be the driving force of change. Regardless of their outcome doing so will at least spread awareness on pressing issues and change that needs to be done between the population.There are many development organizations in Macedonia who are actively undertaking interventions in order to solve complex problems in the society, a society which can benefit from each unique individual that decides to contribute to helping it prosper, bringing back altruism as a core value, because impact starts with the thought of helping others and bringing a better future.

Filip Dzhambazoski

Filip Dzambazoski works as Marketing & Communications Assistant at Impact Foundation. Filip's completed his branch of studies in Law but is passionate about exploring new fields and expanding his knowledge. For him, "Realizing your passion by helping others find theirs" directly correlates to the way we should shape today's leaders into the future decision-makers.