Green Jobs

Green Jobs

Green jobs are decent jobs that contribute to preserve or restore the environment, be they in traditional sectors such as manufacturing and construction, or in new, emerging green sectors such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We believe that green jobs found in many areas of the economy from energy supply to recycling and from agriculture and construction to transportation. They help to cut the consumption of energy, raw materials and water through high-efficiency strategies, to de-carbonize the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to minimize or avoid all forms of waste and pollution altogether, to protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity.​

Sustainable Agriculture

We can find many people in the primary production sector of food - Agriculture.

Our foundation believes that this is the first step in the development of every economy is promoting Sustainable and Climate-Smart Agriculture. We genuinely believe that the commercial application of biodynamic and organic agriculture will have a positive impact on nature and the people at the same time.

Sustainable Building

Sustainable building is the sustainable aspect in the whole process of the building and the object itself, starting from sustainable design, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials and construction without waste.

We support the private building sector to achieve the transition towards sustainability.​

Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Transport

Our foundation focusses on bringing sustainability in the sectors of Energy and Transport. Renewable energy and e-mobility is our focus, and we believe only in a sustainable future. We will support the private sector in the transition of achieving higher usage of renewable energy sources and using more sustainable transport.

Green Waste Economy

We strongly believe that in every economy there should be no waste. All waste should be reused, recycled or upcycled.

We believe in a circular economy, creating secondary raw materials for production through selection and recycling, composting organic waste and eliminating all potential pollution in the environment. Our foundation believes that water should be return in the same quality as it was taken, clean and usable.​