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7 Top Platforms To Find Freelance Projects On

Finding freelance projects is not easy, but the availability of specific platforms for this purpose makes it easier. We have prepared a list of platforms that can help you find projects.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing platform that offers variety of freelance projects. From graphic design, digital marketing, programming, WordPress development, to creative writing and illustration.

The platform provides transaction protection and good clients. The downside is that 20% of the earnings of every project are taken in the beginning, but it decreases as you earn more. You can work hourly or on a fixed project price.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that is similar to Upwork. It offers various fields of work, where freelancers are called sellers.

Freelancers work on a project, where they are paid 80% of the agreed amount. They are protected by a certificate, so there is no room for panic of not getting paid.

3. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a freelancing platform based on hourly work. Freelancers create a profile and clients post a project. The platform system then sends a form to the freelancers to submit a proposal. The client reviews the proposal and selects their ideal freelancer.

Payments are insured by the platform. PeoplePerHour takes 20% of the amount initially which reduces over time with more work.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not originally intended for finding freelance work. But you can find freelance work here. Your profile on this platform should be well polished. Post your achievements, previous projects, and you can even start building your own personal brand there!

On LinkedIn you can set up job alerts for what you are looking for, or you can use a more sophisticated tool like LinkedInProFinder to find freelance projects.

5. Behance

Behance is a platform intended for everyone in the creative fields. On the platform you can build your creative profile and show what you can do. You can easily connect with people similar to you.

You may not come across countless projects on this platform, but there are few high quality clients looking for the best creatives!

6. Guru

Guru is a platform where you can find projects in the field of programming, marketing, design and so on.

The platform offers secure payment of earnings and an easy way to prove the credibility of freelancers. Short term projects and cost per project can be found on this platform.

7. ServiceScape

ServiceScape is a platform designed for translation, writing and editing. A freelancer must edit his/her profile very well because this platform works differently from others. Namely, the freelancer waits for offers from clients, and does not send offers to them.

The freelancer determines whether he/she will work by the hour or by project. However, this platform takes 50% of the earnings.

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