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I hope to guide individuals through the beginnings of freelance – Dancho Dimkov

1. With a great job position, at a time when freelancing was still unknown in our area you decided to become a freelancer. Why? What influenced your decision?

Ugh. This is 10 years ago. I started freelancing, primarily because of the need for independence. A great job means a higher salary, but drastically greater responsibilities, extended working hours, and fewer days off. I remember, when I wanted to go on vacation, 2 weeks before the vacation I had to work much harder so I could delegate before I left. After the break, I had to work intensively again for 2 weeks, to cover everything that happened unplanned while I was gone. Here I realized that I needed to change my lifestyle, and with it my job.

2. Freelancing allows you to travel through many countries, but also to make new acquaintances. How has each new experience contributed to your professional development? Can you give us an example?

With freelancing, I got freedom. When I quit and went 100% freelancer, things started to work out. You work when you want, as much as you want (as long as you cover living expenses). My wife and I became Digital Nomads, and together we could work from anywhere.

First, we focused on travel. We originally had a 45-day car trip around Europe. You work in the morning, you travel during the day, you walk in the afternoon. We have managed to explore many new things that have changed the way we think.

Then, one September, we spent 30 days in Bulgaria, in a 5-star resort for some ridiculous sums. Out of season. No one booked for 30 days. Also, you work/enjoy depending on the day.

Second, I focused on growing from freelance to business. How to set up a team that will continue to work with current clients so I can focus on finding new clients, and further growing the team. As the team grew, so did the need for help in sales, marketing, and even hiring project managers.

Working as a freelancer, I gained access to world markets. As well as market feedback. What is required in USA, England, Europe, Australia. What are the latest trends, and what are customers currently looking for in the open market? I used this feedback to develop new services.

3. With so many awards and accolades including the Amazon Bestselling Book for your book Sweet Leads, how relevant do you find freelance for this success?

The book is the culmination of my career. After 10 years working in freelancing, and the private sector, I was able to document my knowledge in a single book.

We have developed the services based on the trends in freelancing, but also on the feedback from the customers – what more do they need that we can satisfy?

So we got to marketing and sales in B2B, where we focused, and further specialized. Especially helping clients with services from 5-10,000 euros.

The book is a kind of personal diary, where I documented the processes, logical frameworks, and all the newly acquired knowledge in BizzBee Solutions. Many times, while writing the book, I would notice illogicalities, where I was returning to the company, to improve those things, so that I could go back to the book to finish it. Most of the examples, and lessons learned in the book, are from actively working with clients around the world – most gained through freelance platforms.

4. You have repeatedly emphasized that you are a person who wants to help everyone grow professionally. You are realizing that vision for companies today through BizzBee Solutions, but soon as a freelance mentor for individuals. What are your expectations in terms of results for these two things?

My work has no end. I am focused on development. Company development, employee development, environment development.

At BizzBee Solutions, we introduce a lot of innovative things worldwide, and through different media (podcast, videocast, academy, lab) we try to share it with the world. We have reached 28 employees in Macedonia, with a plan for additional growth.

With freelance mentoring, I hope to guide young individuals to the beginnings of freelance, how to set up, and how to get their first clients. But we do not end here. After the first clients come the second and third and many others. The next step is to start thinking bigger – hiring associates, collaborating with partners, and growing into a company – which will be able to provide results for clients, and the opportunity for the founder to achieve his or her private goals.

Dancho is part of our network of freelance mentors that will guide future freelancers in the Republic of North Macedonia. Through his expertise freelancers will learn many crucial skills, effectively increasing their income and the freelance community.

If you want to learn about Sales and B2B Marketing from Dancho and become successful in freelancing, apply to become a mentee on the following LINK

This activity is supported by the RECONOMY program.

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Filip Dzhambazoski

Filip Dzambazoski works as Marketing & Communications Assistant at Impact Foundation. Filip's completed his branch of studies in Law but is passionate about exploring new fields and expanding his knowledge. For him, "Realizing your passion by helping others find theirs" directly correlates to the way we should shape today's leaders into the future decision-makers.