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Iva Ivanovska – 3D clothing designer

For the first time in our country, certified training for 3D fashion design has been introduced. has five successfully completed groups so far, with excellent results. Since the interest in this course is huge, the new group starts at the end of March. You can find the call for the new training at the link.

About the “Clothing Design in 3D” training, we spoke with Iva Ivanovska, who successfully completed this course and obtained the title of 3D clothing designer.

Share your experience with the training “Clothing design in 3D”.

The classes were held online. The duration of the lesson was enough to explain the lesson, ask questions and clarify the unclear things. The mentors were clear and explained slowly, of course with examples. We were also given a script where everything was written about all the tools and how to use them. The mentors were available 24/7, at any moment, and were always willing to explain and pay attention to the problem we had. Homework was given to us on time and was related to the lessons. If something was not clear to us, we were sent videos where the lessons or problems and difficulties we would encounter were explained. Even after completing the training, they are available again as they were before. I enjoyed doing the tasks, although it was not easy and often the system could freeze. I learned the most from the workshops they organized, where we were physically present and worked on a project.

How did you decide to apply for this training and start working as a freelancer?

I have always been attracted to working on a computer, especially 3D design, because the whole process from idea to realization is much faster, more efficient, more ecological and more economical, because we know exactly how much material we need for the entire production. The customer can see the model in advance and decide whether they like it or not. When I saw the post on Facebook, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me, so I applied right away and I was not wrong. After all, I also see the future of the entire fashion industry in 3D.

Share your first freelance experience as a 3D clothing designer.

Freelancing is a job that gives us freedom and flexibility. We decide for ourselves when we will work, how long, and how much we will invest in it. The more we search and apply, the more we will succeed. And we should not give up due to having less knowledge. I still have no experience in that area, but I try, apply and look for projects every day. After all, I also see the future in freelancing.

What would you advice anyone interested in this training and freelancing as a career path?

I strongly recommend them to join the training, to invest in themselves, because it pays off in the long run. We just have to work hard and give more and more, because in the end the effort pays off.

The training “Clothing design in 3D” and the freelancing course is supported by the RECONOMY program
RECONOMY is a regional inclusive and green economic development program of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in partnership with Impact Foundation and others in the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkan countries.

Andrijana Serafimovska

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