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Through a single mother’s perspective – challenges and benefits of freelancing for single mothers

I became a single mother before my two daughters could walk on their own. The choice to raise my daughters alone was not entirely mine, it takes the will of two to raise a family and, with my former partner that will didn’t exist. I told myself that I would do everything I could to provide a good life for my daughters.

This is how V.T. started her story. who is a single mother with two daughters in Macedonia.

I was aware that the road I was on would be extremely difficult, and my work at the time barely covered all the expenses for my family. We had a particularly difficult time in the winters, when the costs were always higher, but we managed as best we could.

Now it is easier, my daughters are grown up. One of them is engaged. I was lucky that my surroundings did not judge me or develop difficult challenges for me. I had the support of my friends and colleagues and i think that made it at least a little easier for me to cope with everyday life, especially in the first few years when I was raising my daughters alone. However, i also know single mothers who have not had the same support as me.

I’m familiar with freelance and I think it’s a great way to earn as much as you are willing to work. I know that some people earn in just a few hours of work as much as the average worker in the country earns in 8 hours, but I believe that those people came to those earnings after a lot of hard work.

For a single mother I think it is great to start freelancing, but the challenge will be to achieve a degree of independence from her work, because beautiful things take time, and any support in entering the waters of freelancing is welcome.

Impact Foundation’s fundraising project will give 10 single mothers the opportunity to start intensive freelancing skills training. These trainings will help mothers to gain technical knowledge and start working on one of the popular freelance platforms.

Decent earnings from home and flexible working hours will enable a happy childhood and a life with less care for these families.

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