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Top 5 Freelance Jobs You Can Start To Work Today

Something is inspiring to many people about working freelance. There’s no hassle about getting up early, the freedom to work remotely, and choosing clients on your terms. Indeed, today’s number of freelancers are at their peak. Digitalization, the pandemic, and the sheer number of opportunities have turned many to earn additional income from freelancing. Some people have even turned to work full-time as freelancers! So why doesn’t everybody do it?

In many parts of the world, freelancing is a “taboo” topic. Many know someone who does it, but no one is quite sure what they do. There is also a lack of education on this topic. The results lead many people to believe that freelancers are exclusively people with a high skill set.

While it is true that many freelancers possess technical skills, many are working even though they lack specialization. The previously mentioned opportunities the freelancing market provides have opened the door for hiring freelancers for all types of work. From administrative work to commenting on social media and more. It’s never been easier for someone to take their computer and start earning.

Here are the top 5 freelance jobs you can start to work today

Appointment setting

Yes, it is what you think it is. Many businesses require organized schedules to function optimally. These can be in the domain of consulting and other services. Their work with clients requires a defined timetable for each day. It’s where you can come in.

 You’ll be calling clients and scheduling appointments with them. So what you’ll need to work is just knowledge of the language of your employer.

You will probably be working with the sales team of the company and offering them support. This type of job is to your advantage if you plan to transition to sales.

How much will you earn?

5-20$ an hour. Some companies even offer commissions per successful appointment.


There are many companies today that use podcasts and video for content. And usually, their busy schedule doesn’t allow time for them to turn those audiovisual contents into text. They hire freelancers to do this. It’s an easy way to earn a little extra for minimal work.

Sounds too good to be true? All you need is a comfy place to sit and a pair of headphones. Naturally, take care of not having errors in your text. There’s plenty of handy tools like Grammarly that can help you with this (we use it all the time).

How much will you earn?

5-15 $ an hour. Depending on the difficulty and length of the content.

Virtual Assistant

The absolute beginner job. Business owners are busy during the day. Time is everything for them. So they need someone to do administrative work for them. You’ll be mostly replying to emails, managing their social media, organizing schedules, and so on. You’ll be giving your time so that the client won’t waste theirs.

That’s the job.

How much will you earn?

5-25$ per hour. Depending on your experience and company offer.

Content writer

Don’t get us wrong. You’ll not be copywriting content that converts people to buy a product/service. We’re talking about writing ebooks, blogs, descriptions, etc.

You will need some basic writing skills and some linguistic capabilities. But most jobs are simple and can be done. Once you familiarize the concept, you can do multiple jobs at once.

How much will you earn?

10-30$ an hour. Depending on the complexity of the content.

Social Media Manager

You probably spend a few hours on social media. And post regularly on TikTok or Instagram. Why not monetize this free time? Companies are looking for someone to post on their channels and figure out daily content. It’s fun watching a business grow because you decided to use a few hours of your time.

The scope of work covers simple things like posting, replying, engaging, and much more! There are so many things you can do on social media. You probably know this already!

Maybe you need more knowledge? Many courses can help you. Both free and paid. One particular course for a freelancer is: Learn to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager on Udemy

How much will you earn?

5-15$ an hour. 

You can start and work as a freelancer today. Competition is high though, but keep trying you will get there! 

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