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Creating a team of freelance video editors for a growing demand – Dobri Dodovski

1. As a complex science, video editing is growing in demand. Why did you decide to sell your expertise to Upwork? What makes this profession attractive?

 Before I started working at Upwork, I found clients privately through mutual friends, or through platforms like Linkedin. Upwork has allowed me to connect with clients around the world and have a regular income.

Everyday challenges make this profession attractive. Every client has different wishes, different types of videos, so the working day is always interesting. The work is quite dynamic.

2. Does your profession require constant improvement and following of the trends? Which tools do you use the most and recommend for beginners?

World trends must be constantly monitored. We often see new things applied in video editing, in order to keep the viewers’ attention, so that the videos are not boring and monotonous. Like any profession, this one requires constant learning of new skills, improvement, and a lot of work.

The program I use, Adobe Premiere Pro, has too many options, it is quite complex, at first glance it may seem scary and more complicated than it really is. But with a lot of hard work, everything can be achieved.

For those who plan to work in this profession in the future, I would recommend dedicating yourself to studying the program Adobe Premiere Pro, because it is the most used. Many customers want their video editor to use this program.

3. How do you see your career as a video editor in the future? Do you see freelancing as a long-term earning option?

 I am currently learning how to work with Adobe After Effects so that I can create animations. Animated videos are very popular, which means that I will have the chance to work on more projects. Due to the high demand, I already need people who would make videos with me, so the plan is to have a whole team of video editors soon.

My experience with freelancing so far is positive. I can say for sure that I will continue with this.

4. What are the reactions of your acquaintances when you explain to them that you are a freelancer? Is this way of earning known to us? Do you have the necessary support from the environment?

 Freelance work in our country is booming. I can say that we young people are finding this attractive. Many young people choose to pursue a freelance career. However, for the elderly, this is an unknown term. I often have difficulty explaining to them what I really do and what it looks like.

Many people still think that we freelancers do nothing, just because we do not have classic working hours.

I can not say that in the beginning, I had great support. In time, people realized that this was not as unserious as everyone thought at first. Day by day, the support from the environment is growing.

Dobri is part of our network of freelance mentors that will guide future freelancers in the Republic of North Macedonia. Through his expertise freelancers will learn many crucial skills, effectively increasing their income and the freelance community.

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