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How to Become a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork

Maybe you are new to freelancing. Maybe you have started building your freelance career at Upwork and wondering how to progress faster.

Upwork has a narrowly defined system for becoming a top rated freelancer.

Your Upwork account has a percentage of the success of the projects you are working on. It’s called the Job Success Score. This amount shows how successful your projects are, i.e. how satisfied the clients are with your work. You should strive to offer good service, in order for the customers to rate you 4-5 stars followed by positive testimonials.

The profile also shows how many hours you worked, how much money you earned and how many projects you worked on.

While these things do not indicate your talent, they do contribute to winning one of the Upwork badges.

1. Rising Talent Badge

This badge is the first one you can get on Upwork. It appears when you really prove to be a great new freelancer on the platform. To win the badge, your profile must be 100% complete and you must have positive feedback on the projects done so far. Pay attention to the way the platform works, follow the rules and you are on the right track.

Winning this badge has its benefits, such as:

  • Earn more by paying less (by 10%)
  • Bonus of 30 contacts
  • Access email / chat help from Upwork
  • A badge to show off

2. Top Rated Badge

This badge is acquired if the steps of the introduction are followed: good service, good communication with customers, positive feedback. Your Job Success Score must be at least 90% over a period of 13-16 weeks. Your profile must be constantly updated and improved. Revenue should exceed $1,000 in the last 12 months.

Winning this badge has its benefits, such as:

  • Reduced costs by 10%
  • Option to delete feedback
  • Access to email / chat / phone from Upwork
  • Faster payment if you work hourly
  • Easier access to finding projects that are perfect for you
  • Assistance in sending offers
  • Top Rated badge

3. Top Rated Plus Badge

If you have been active on the platform for a long time and maintain the Top Rated badge well, you have a chance to get the Top Rated Plus badge. This badge is a symbol of good reputation, great success and successful long-term projects. To get this badge, you must have earned over $10,000 in the last year ($20,000 for agencies). Also, customers must be constantly satisfied with your work.

Winning this badge has its benefits, such as:

  • Everything the Top Rated badge includes, but you get the
  • Top Rated Plus badge

4. Expert-Vetted Badge

Obtaining this badge is a complex process that is worth doing if you are a professional in your field. To get this badge, you need to go through a pre-screening process by experts in your field. You will then be evaluated by Upwork Talent Managers. To get this badge, you must be really good in your field, have soft communication skills and pass the test.

Winning this badge offers the following benefits:

  • A talent manager who helps you in the process of finding the perfect clients
  • Expert-Vetted badge

Winning badges is not necessary, but it puts you in the top 10%, top 3% or top 1% of all Upwork freelancers. This way it is easier to secure a competitive advantage and prove your expertise.

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Viktorija Andonova

Viktorija Andonova is a Communications Assistant at IMPACT FOUNDATION. She believes that everyone can achieve what they set their mind to and believes that everyone is capable of overcoming any challenge, no matter how impossible it may seem.