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5 things we learned from Andreja Jarcevski for the freelance course

We are having coffee with Andreja Jancevski. We are talking about his career as a freelance educator at Semos Education for the freelance course.

Introduce Yourself

Hi, my name is Andreja and I have been an instructor at Semos Education for 12 years. I have been working as a freelance web designer for over 15 years, and my background is in computer science and software engineering. I am happy to share my experiences as a freelancer. 🙂

What does a typical freelance course class look like?

During the class we discuss various topics together with the team. During the class, I encourage interaction and transfer of personal experiences – this way knowledge and skills are best transferred.

How long do the classes last and what can students learn from this class?

Classes last as long as a standard school class, and students gain experience and knowledge in the field of freelancing as an additional (even primary) way of working. We try to transfer experiences in time management, using certain methodologies, overcoming obstacles and so on.

What is the most common question you are asked and what is the answer to it?

The most frequently asked question is – “Why freelancing?” Or more precisely “How can I work as a freelancer?” The answer here varies, but I usually start with emphasizing that freelancing as a business model is not for everyone and does not suit everyone’s profession. However, for those who fit in, it offers many benefits and exceptional

How can interested people sign up?

Anyone who is interested can contact us at Semos Education at the following numbers:
+389 2 3130 900
+389 75 234 342

Or apply on the form through our social media: – form

We spoke to Nikola Blaskovski and Saso Meglenovski, students at Semos Education about the way this course helped them build their freelance career

“I thought the course would help me find my first Upwork client, and it would completely guide me into the freelance world. The best advice I can give to those looking for work as a freelancer is to first attend the Semos course and then apply all the tips and skills they will gain from the course. The best advice I heard at the lectures is to be persistent, and not to give up if you are rejected “- shared Nikola Blaskovski, a student at Semos Education.

“The freelancing course helped me primarily with the guidance given by the Semos mentors and the beautifully explained things (what can and cannot be done in business). It helped me by broadening my horizons and views on who I am, who I want to be and who I am currently in the world of working with clients.

The freelancing course helped me start to think more broadly about my opportunities (what I can improve) but also by starting to think about starting my own business.

Wonderful experience and huge thanks to Semos Education team” – shared Saso Meglenovski, student at Semos Education.

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