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Clothing design in 3D with Jovana and Blagica from VM3D fashion design

Jovana Jordanova is a 3D fashion designer and 3D clothing design instructor at VM3D fashion design. Jovana is also the mentor of Blagica Nikolova, from Strumica, who is 18 years old, a high school student who studies economy and law, as well as one of the participants in the training for clothing design in 3D.

We spoke to them about their training and their experience designing clothes in 3D.

Jovana, how did you come up with the idea of ​​becoming a 3D clothing design mentor?

As a part of the 3D fashion world, I discover new opportunities and knowledge every day, which is why I decided to share my experience with everyone ready to take that step. I am proud because together, we will achieve great success.

Tell us, who is the 3D clothing design training for, what can be learned, and what projects can the participants work on after completing the training?

The training is intended for all those who want to work in fashion and create with the help of digital tools. The training DESIGNER OF CLOTHING IN 3D – basic level is done according to a program that can cover applicants with and without experience. Within the basic level, we learn basic tools, their function, and their application. The training itself allows you to learn and master all the tools in the 3D software. The training is organized with continuous practical work. During 13 weeks, candidates will work on at least 13 project tasks, in order to master the tools and provide a service for their clients.

After completing the training, candidates who have no previous knowledge and experience will be able to offer a 3D Visualization service with a predefined template, while candidates who already have previous experience can offer a wide range of services, among which is the creation of patterns, pattern modeling, pattern grading, 3D Visualization of pattern, preparation of cutting pictures, etc.

I use this opportunity to announce that in 2023, we are preparing specialized training, for which the condition is to know the tools in the 3D software, i.e. to have first-level knowledge, and in this way, we will enable freelancers or all participants to advance their skills and specialize. The training will take place online, so it is an opportunity to include all participants from all over N. Macedonia, without limitation of space and time. Together we will create values ​​and acquire new skills.

How did the first training go? Are participants ready to work as clothing designers in 3D? Where can they apply for an internship or job?

The interest is much higher than expected and with it the results. We have 14 candidates in the first group, it is ongoing and will end by 31.12.2022. Within it, candidates learn the tools to work in 3D software for fashion design through 13 project tasks. Currently, we are on the 9th project task, and next week they are starting the freelance training.

With continuous work and dedication, they will be able to reach their desired result and goals.

In the last 4 weeks, the candidates will have a chance to follow freelance training, through which will have the opportunity to build their freelance profile and start building a freelance career and direct communication with foreign companies.

When does the new group start, what is the price, how long does it last and how will it be implemented? Do you plan training in the future for all those who missed these deadlines?

The new group starts on November 30th, and registrations are open until November 26th. The whole package costs 250 euros including a license for the duration of the training. The training lasts 3 months and is once a week. The lectures are online and last 2 hours, and we work in small groups. Meanwhile, we schedule the classes by agreement with the candidates.

As a result of the great interest in the training, we also started forming groups for next year.

Blagica, how did you find out about the “Clothing Design in 3D” training?

I found out about the training, online, where it was advertised as “Clothing Design in 3D” and there was a short video that attracted me to explore a little more in the world of digital fashion.

What motivated you to upgrade yourself in the field of “Clothing Design in 3D” and do you have plans to continue upgrading in the future?

Ever since I was a child, I was drawn to art and creativity and I knew that one day I would start something creative. I mostly conveyed my creativity through drawing. As time went on, I began to think more and more about fashion as a career. That motivated me to sign up for the “Clothing Design in 3D” training. Because I love to explore, experiment, create and learn new things, of course, I would upgrade my knowledge in the future.

What is your experience with the classes and mentors and are you satisfied with the acquired knowledge?

The experience with the classes and the mentor is very positive. Selfless sharing of knowledge and professional training instilled in me confidence and taught me the independence which is required by the work itself, which is fashion freelance and digital design. I’m happy with what I’ve learned so far, because it’s the first time I’ve encountered new digital technology in fashion.

Where do you plan to use the newly acquired knowledge and do you have an idea or a wish about where you would work or apply for an internship?

I would like to use my knowledge for an individual creation, modeling, creating my brand that I would offer on the market, and working as a freelancer for foreign companies and brands. To do a job, you have to love it. As I said, I want to be a famous fashion designer with my brand and work according to the taste and desires of consumers, and make my creations.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What would you recommend to anyone interested in the training?

In 10 years, I see myself as a successful and creative fashion designer in fashion design with my brand that I would offer on the market and try to satisfy the wishes of consumers.

I would recommend to all those interested to apply for the “Clothing Design in 3D” training and create new opportunities and a better future because every new beginning leads to new successes.

Andrijana Serafimovska

Andrijana Serafimovska is the Communications Assistant at Impact Foundation. An ambitious and self-driven individual, with a passion for volunteering to better the quality of life of disadvantaged groups. She is experienced in project management for NGOs and social media marketing.